Narconon Albion

The Proof is in the Research

Now days people are continually entering and failing drug rehab programs.  A great deal of these facilities are new and offer either 28 days and you are cured or you stay on the program forever.  Drug Abuse Rehab Indiana is not that kind of program. Independent American studies showcased at Narconon Freedom Center show 78% of all of our clients were still drug free after two years of being off of our program. All of these studies have been compiled after 20 years of effective program management and success. Our graduates don’t have the needs or cravings to put any other substances in their bodies after completing our program. They have a renewed sense of self-worth and a high amount of self-esteem. This amount of confidence gives them the ability to achieve their goals in life with total control and without the use of drugs. There are millions of Americans and others throughout the world caught in the sticky web of alcohol and drug addicition. For every person that has an addiction, there are at least 4 more family members suffering from those effects. We offer freedom from those addictions in a real life, workable way.

Drug Abuse Rehab Indiana Addiction Program

Our program consists of many standardized steps that are followed in an exact sequence. Students are allowed all the time they need to complete each step. Even though we go through strict standards and educational training we make sure our students are comfortable and have all the tools they need to understand the program and training they are receiving. Drug free detox is the first step in all of our drug rehab clients. This allows the client to start the program free of residuals and their unhealthy cravings and side effects. This also reduces the chance of relapse during the program’s educational process.

Our educational program eventually leads to the student being able to lead a drug-free, happy, healthy life. These series of educational programs begin with teaching the client how to get involved in their own lives again. They are taught to take control and responsibility for not only their actions and deeds but the effect they have on others’ actions. The situational withdrawal process is achieved through these learning situations, as the clients’ self-esteem and self-reliance increases. Students are made aware that they can control their own futures, by setting goals and following through on them. They must be held accountable and responsible for their own actions. Clients are taught how to identify and stay away from potentially dangerous situations, that may lead them down a path to relapse. This is a key in the road to recovery as clients may have to stop associating with several people they thought of as friends. No matter how long it takes, we do not have fixed limitations. A large number of graduates complete the program successfully within 3-6 months. This is not a requirement, but a standard goal. We do not require a student to leave in 6 months. We also provide our services with a fixed cost. So it doesn’t matter if the client takes 3 months or 12 months they only pay one set price. This is one of the key factors that separate our facility from those of traditional programs. Many programs only allow the client the amount of time standardized by their insurance company and then they are unceremoniously dumped back out onto the street alone. There is no transition, or follow up care and relapse is almost always the end result. Our program is a not for profit facility so we aren’t in it for the money. We are simply here to help and we care about our clients as many of our staff have previously been clients. The normal and traditional drug rehab facilities have always used drugs to treat drugs. We believe that this is a ridiculous way to work. Our drug rehab center offers a detox program that is not only comfortable and effective but doesn’t put more drugs back into your system. Why would a person enter a drug rehab facility only to leave with another addiction to a different drug. This is working backwards instead toward the goal of sobriety.  We remove all residuals from the body using a proven method of dry sauna treatments, exercise and vitamin and nutritional supplements. These are all healthy ways of living that can be taught and carried on throughout life. So education and detox begin together. Once a client has completed the detox and educational process we follow through with an extensive aftercare program. Our staff continually contacts the client and family members for up to one full year after being discharged. This is to verify that they are still using their educational experiences to enjoy a healthy and drug free new life. We care about our clients as much as they care for themselves.


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