Our Addiction Treatment Program

Drug Free Detox & Sauna

Upon coming to our facility, you will go through a drug free detox with 24 hour supervision. During the withdrawals you will be given vitamins and nutrition to aid your body in the recovery process, as the drugs have take away most of these. Once you are fully detoxed, you will enter the sauna detox program to fully rid your body of any drug residuals stored in the fatty tissues.

Moral Reconation Therapy

This will allow you to build up your self-esteem, self-confidence, integrity and responsibility. In addition to this, you will form a solid foundation to build your own moral compass on. The Moral Reconation Therapy is broken down into four different parts.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

You are encouraged to face new realities and facts of everyday life that you may have been hiding from, and realize the old situations and events that you have been stuck in or effected by. The methods used by our treatment program during cognitive behavioral therapy allow you to participate in a guided self-discovery exercises allowing you to face harsh past realities, as well as understand the difference between your past and where you are now, ultimately freeing you from your past.

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